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Cedar Springs Ranch specializes in therapeutic and adaptive riding services for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. Stable Moments® mission is to improve the life course of foster and adopted children who have experienced early developmental trauma by developing life skills through equine assisted learning and community mentorship. Running the Stable Moments® program will allow us to further reach out to our surrounding communities to serve the youth that need the beautiful connection that working with horses has to offer. We will be able to meet the children where they are at by understanding their experience and helping them develop their self-worth, sense of purpose, decision-making abilities, executive functioning, and self-regulation skills. Research suggests that the most influential element in success with children in foster care is a consistent, enduring relationship with a healthy role model. Using this type of mentorship program with equine assisted learning (EAL) is the ideal match for this population of children. This is why the Stable Moments® program couples so nicely with Cedar Springs animal interaction program, which is groundwork-based and encompasses a format that will best suit the individual needs for each participant.

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Kelly Balsewicz
Stable Moments Program Director
Cedar Springs Ranch
[email protected]