The Ranch

Mission and Philosophy:
Our mission and philosophy as an Equine-assisted and Animal-assisted therapy instruction Ranch is to be intentional in our relationship with others to offer opportunities for improving balance, well-being, quality of life, trust, and self-esteem through engaging activities involving the whole body and mind.

Through their perseverance, our participants inspire instructors, volunteers, families, and communities to embrace inclusivity and recognize the value of firmly believing in creating a world where everyone can participate, learn, and grow, regardless of physical, cognitive, emotional, or spiritual ability.

Tag Line:
We support and serve those who need a place to find peace, understanding, and an authentic and genuine connection in their journey.

Our Vision:
To create a peaceful oasis that nurtures relationships and meaningful experiences.

Our Values:

Walk in Love. Develop Trust. Create Stability. Promote Growth. Therapeutic Means.
God has created us to love and be loved. Whether we hold the same beliefs in faith or not, each human’s participation at The Ranch will be supported by a stable mentorship through nurturing relationships that build trust and allow for therapeutic growth physically, cognitively, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

An outreach ministry of Cedar Springs Church:
A Christ-centered Equine and Animal Assisted Services and Therapeutic Horsemanship Ranch.

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Psalm 34:18).

When we serve and support our community members who experience physical, mental, and emotional turmoil or disabilities, we provide an opportunity to engage the hearts of those who need a safe place to be, have fun, and be set free.

In the News

“A lot of the mental benefit comes from the connection that happens, but it is really that innate sense that they have to connect with us in any way that the human mind is ready,” said Monica Schaefer. “Some people call it the magic of the horse.”

What’s been Happening

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